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NCWSNCWS Great Britain, Service in Unity

Our Vision

Our focus is the inequality issues and lack of empowerment of Nigerian women in relation to gender bias and imbalance that exists in communities and cultures in Nigeria and many other African Countries. We aim to develop resolute action plans, pulling together Advocacy groups to work towards overcoming the existing predisposition towards women’s equality and lack of empowerment.

Get Involved

From donations to volunteering your time there are many ways you can help the cause. Please email or call for more information.

Great Britain Inaugural Conference

The NCWS GB 2013 two day Conference and Workshop was outstanding and successful. THE NCWS DIASPORA GB Conference and Workshop on GENDER INEQUALITY AND IMPEDIMENTS TO WOMEN’S INHERITANCE involved distinguished and notable panelist and presenters. The event drew in the delegates and created an involved and interactive event over two days.
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